Ian Petrarca is a Creative Developer and Sound Engineer working on VR/AR Experiences, Interactive Installations and Spatial Audio.


Sound & Music

My background is in audio production and recording. I've worked at various commerical and independent studios helping create high-quality sound and music using Pro Tools, Logic and Maschine.


Interactive Systems

An interactive media system lets users decide their experience. I've helped build and maintain large-scale interactive media systems that use OSC, Node.js, Electron, QLab and Max MSP.


Virtual Reality

VR is the next frontier of spatial media and has become the number one platform to experience 3D Audio. I've been building immersive audio experiences with the WebXR API and Unreal Engine 4.

About Me

I'm a Creative Developer and Sound Engineer based in New York City. Learn more about me here.


Interested in collaborating? I'm experienced in sound and music production, interactive system design and WebVR development. Click below to check out my full portfolio.


I write songs and help other artists reach their creative goals with audio. Check out my music and what I'm listening to on my Soundcloud.

Open Source Projects

I publish the boilerplates and tools that I use to create interactive media. Check out my Github page to download and try them!