Ian Petrarca is a Creative Developer and Sound Engineer working on VR/AR Experiences, Interactive Installations and Spatial Audio. Growing up in New York City, Ian worked summer shifts at studios such as Stadium Red, Studio G and WNYC radio. It was there that he honed his skills in audio recording and production. In 2012 Ian attended The University of Michigan School of Music Theater and Dance where he studied Sound Engineering and Interactive Media Design in the Performing Arts Technology Department. While at U of M, Ian created musical controllers that explored new forms of musical expression and during his senior year he began to focus heavily on 3D Audio and Ambisonic environments. 

After graduating from U of M in 2016, Ian began to work for Man Made Music: a sonic branding agency in Downtown NYC. As Coordinating Producer of Interactive Systems, Ian helped program and install various interactive media systems. During his time at Man Made Music Ian worked on projects for clients like ATT and Cartoon Network. 

In March 2017 Ian left Man Made Music to fully pursue interactive and spatial media as an independent contractor. Since then Ian has been working on the Composure project as a contract Lead Developer and as a consultant for creative agencies. In his free time he has been releasing WebVR experiences and development tools on his Github .

Technical Skills
(In Order Of Proficiency)
  • HTML/CSS & Javascript
  • WebVR API - Aframe - Three.js
  • Node.JS
  • OSC Messaging
  • Firebase (Hosting and Database)
  • Webpack & Gulp
  • C++
  • Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton
  • Max MSP & Pure Data
  • Spatial Audio (Ambisonics)
  • Dante Networked Audio
  • Maschine & Samplers
  • SSL, Neve and API analog consoles
  • Studio Signal Flow