Electronic Chamber Music


Electronic Chamber Music is an ensemble at The University of Michigan that aims to create electronic music with new controllers and playback systems. In 2017 ECM put on "Techno In Space," a two and half hour techno concert that was performed by fifteen players and was mixed in a twelve speaker multi-channel environment.

During "Techno In Space" I acted as the main sound engineer, panning and mixing all of the players' laptops and acoustic instruments into the multi-channel system. I also had the opportunity to design various controllers that we used during the show. Below is a video of one of the songs I helped compose and arrange:

Photocell Spatializer

Photocell Spatializer is a light based controller that maps incoming light location to audio objects in an ambisonic speaker array. I built the hardware and helped design the Max MSP patch that powered the controller with Max Morrison.


The Candleabra is a light-based controller that uses handheld LED controllers in combination with photocell ressitors to give performers the ability to trigger sounds with light. The project was designed for Electronic Chamber Music's 2017 Show "Techno In Space" and was created by Sam Schaeffer, Peter Littejohn, Maya Chun and myself.